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The 'Blogs and Links' section of my website is about interaction and action.  I have the plan to host a few blogs, participate in others and reference some.  Like any/everyone, I also have my favorite sites on the World Wide Web.

In the navigation menu of the Website, under 'Blogs and Links', the top link leads to this current page.  By hovering over the 'Blogs and Links' menu item, you will see the list of sub-pages that lead to my personal blogs.

Also on this page is the list with link to sites and blogs I follow or am interested in.  If they are here, it is because they are important to me and I believe could be of interest for you.

Erick Van Houtte's BLOGS

There are blogs I either own or am a key contributor of.

Active Blogs

Van Houtte Family Story (

Moliere a Westford  (   

With/In Context (wiContext)  (

Blogs Coming Soon


As for coffee…of course (why not?)!  But of particular interests, are other traditional subjects, family recipes and activities you will discover about the Van Houtte family.



Many on my mind, but I still need to think it through.  I want this list to be pertinent.

Fino's Weblog (

- Blog of my friend Fino.

He is a unique individual.  Some will say eccentric, others brainy, funny or too direct.  Well, I think he is a great individual:  charismatic, very intelligent and sensitive.  On top of being (arguably) one of the world's top Architects for PLM, his opinionated style provides color-commentating on everyday things of life.  The tagline of his blog:  Music, Movies, and Book Reviews and other assorted musings from a Parisian Nerd ex-Pat Daddy-o.